If you’re anything like the typical Florida resident, then the thought of being without power during a severe storm or hurricane is scary. Even further with todays technology, being with out WIFI, Internet and a Phone can make matters seem much more desperate. What most people expect for a power outage is that the utility service provided power goes out and could take days to repair. Unfortunately, the most common form of long term outage
Synergy Lighting is Proud to Be A National Distributor For CREE Brand Products. The Latest Introduction of the CREE IG Series LED WaveMax™ Parking Garage Luminaire is an exciting revolution in LED Lighting Technology. The IG Series is the first of its kind offering superior performance and light output in both a 4000 Lumen and 7500 Lumen package that meets the both the old and new IES Standards for Parking Garages. Specifically, the IG Series